We design and develop modern digital experiences for companies with the drive to excel.

The Akkaas is a group of extremely talented individuals with a common desire to make the world a more connected, digital place where brands can make an impact and shape the future of the world.


We have impressed our long list of distinguished clients with work across 4 major buckets:

Branding, Identity & Strategy

We offer our clients the best in class branding guidelines, online and offline identities and marketing strategies. You can't find our level of quality or craftmanship anywhere else! We will do your brand book, logos, guidelines, magazines, packaging, books and everything else you need!

User Experience

Our UX team is unparalleled in their ability to craft an experience that is truly unique while ensuring your audience's attention is captured and guided in the exact way you need it to be. Transforming clicks into revenue is what UX is all about and no one does it better than us!

Web & Mobile Applications

Creating unique and easy to use applications that do exactly what they need to is a rare art form. Our team of dedicated designers working with our exceptional engineering team can create something fresh, clean and flashy based on your exacting specifications!

Photography and Films

Our first work was in photography and film making. We have been creating outstanding content since before anyone knew who we were! We can transform what your eyes see into a piece of art, whether it's a new product, a performance, a new location or a group of people, we make them all shine!

/The Founders

Our founders have a consistent and clear vision to deliver our promise to our clients.

Mohammad Zia

Creative Director

Ali Khwaja

Managing Director

/Our clients

Your success,our reputation