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Branding That's As Tasteful As The Recipe


Seventy one Grams


Seventy one Grams


Seventy-one grams sells the best cheeseburgers and fries in town. They wanted us to create a branding for use both online and offline that can not only showcase their amazing food but also their use of fresh and healthy ingredients free from frozen groceries or meat to make their burgers.
So exhibit their uniqueness through the branding and website.


They aren't the big food chains but they serve the best fresh food so we focused on something that can catch everyone's attention. This brand connects you through your emotions and serves your memories as well.
The logo evokes the sense of the good old days and tells them that the food is also as good as it was in the past.


Maintaining an online presence is a necessity. We had a clear explanation of their target audience.
We focused on them and built social media assets and delivered digital marketing services that helped the brand to stand out in the crowd.


This burger place is based in the UK. Like in the past, people used to wear bright colors with bold designs so we tried to bring back the retro vibe to the brand that evokes nostalgia.
We provided designs for stationary, uniforms and all elements at customer touch points with similar energetic classic vibe.

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