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UAE First NFT Artist Branding


NFT Artist


NFT Artist


Amrita Sethi is an ex-banker and digital artist. She released her first augmented reality collection that includes physical art, NFTs, and fashion items limited edition.
The response from the people was outstanding. Amrita wanted a website and a logo that can represent her artistry and creativity along with her futuristic approach her unique artistic use of technology.


Amrita wanted to show people that unusual experiences can become pleasant unforgettable experiences as well and her first NFT shop in Dubai was one of those experiences.
We showcased her best talent through a brand identity that revolved around her creativity and explorations into the metaverse.


We designed a simple yet effective digital presence that included social media assets, a website, and templates that helped in maintaining brand consistency.
It aids in increasing the reach and growth of the brand.


We designed marketing materials such as stationery, posters, and packaging.
These help to promote business offline and aids in maintaining visual consistency.

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